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 “Church and Empire:  Being a Christian in the World”

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What better place to talk about Church & State than in the “Capital of the Free World” – Washington, DC? Come join us as we tackle the hard questions: How has our Church responded, during the “times that try men’s souls?” What is a parent to do when a son or daughter is shipped overseas into a combat zone? How do we stay safe in the world, and also manage to avoid adopting the brutal methods of our adversaries? What if patriotism pulls in one direction, and the Gospel in another?

From late afternoon on Friday, through a worshipful Sunday morning, we will have a shared experience of grappling with morality, faith and crisis. Dark nights and inspiring dawns of history, ancient and recent.

Speakers will include clergy and lay-people, young and old, Orthodox Christians and others. Author, retired chaplain, and Orthodox priest Fr. Alexander F. C. Webster; best-selling author Frank Schaeffer; chaplain Herman Keizer; schoolteacher Bob Lehmann; physician Stephen Xenakis; peacemakers Suzanne O’Hatnick and Kate McCray; and professor Aristotle Papanikolaou will speak to us and talk with us. OPF officers Jim Forest, Pieter Dykhorst and Alex Patico will also present or facilitate. A trio of powerful documentaries will be shown and discussed.

We hope that you will be part of the group, God willing. No one has ever left an OPF conference regretting the time or the money spent, but many have rued the time that they stayed at home. Clear your calendar and come!

Location: National 4-H Conference Center, 7100 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

**Up to forty conferees (first-come, first served) will be able to take a guided tour of the National Holocaust Museum in downtown, to complement the conference session focusing on that period.  Twenty dollars add-on will cover the tour and transportation to and from the Conference Center by chartered bus.

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