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Prayers for Peace

Nothing is more basic to Christian life than prayer. It is the foundation of all other response, not an alternative to response. Please find time each day to be aware of wars now going on in the world and to pray for peace.

Wars or near-war conflicts are currently occurring in Afghanistan, Burundi, Chechnya, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, India and Pakistan (over Kashmir), Iraq, Israel-Palestine, Lebanon, Mali, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria and Ukraine. The list of countries at war regularly changes, but the reality of war is immediate and daily in the lives of millions of people.

As you pray for peace, remember also that all conflict begins in the passions, lusts, and desires that “war in your members” (James 1), as in every human soul. Pray that you would increasingly become a peacemaker at home and work, between neighbors and friends, and in your parish. All peacemaking begins in prayer.

Below is a list of prayers for peace, safety, reconciliation, forgiveness, and more that you may find useful and may be adapted for use in prayer alone, together with others, and in services.


12 icon-st-ephraim-prostration the OPFThe prayer linked here was written by Fr. Steven Tsichlis of St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, California for use in a prayer vigil for peace and was published in In Communion 70.


front page ecumenical prayer service pdfDownload the full text of the Ecumenical Service of Prayer for Christians suffering persecution in the Middle East held at St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, California on October 10th, 2014. The text in full or in part may be adapted for use in a service or personal prayer.


st nicholas myra amsterdamSpecial prayer being used at the St. Nicholas of Myra Russian Orthodox Church in Amsterdam for believers to turn from violence and be reconciled.


unnamedSt. Nikolai lived his life surrounded by enemies. He was actively engaged in public life throughout the turmoils of WWI and WWII, caring for the suffering of those in his nation, as well as those outside of it. His public life guaranteed that many, to this day, still carry enmity for the saintly bishop. In 1941, he engaged in civil resistance and disobedience, refusing to collaborate with the Nazis. For his he was taken to the Dachau concentration camp. He then fled to America in 1946 as a refugee from communism.”

Other web sites of special interest

    • Arms Open Wide: Arms Open Wide: Orthodox Christian Disability Resources is a U.S. based effort to provide information and support to Orthodox Christian families with disabled members and their parish priests. It includes Orthodox Christian writings and ministries from around the world, personal stories, as well as non-Orthodox resources which serve specific, helpful purposes.
    • “Come and See” Icons, Books & Art The website has over 1,000 different icons on it. Each icon includes the appropriate troparion and story of the saint or event depicted. We have signed royalty agreements with about twenty iconographers of a variety of styles. The collection is growing all the time. We have shipped to all 50 states, and to thirty other countries on six continents. Income from sales help to support the ministry to the homeless and others in urgent need of The King’s Jubilee; see link below.
    • Ecole website: A web-based encyclopedia of the Early Church edited by OPF members Karen Rae Keck and Norman Hugh Redington. Also visit their St. Pachomius Library, which seeks to make the literature of the early Christian Church available to all in electronic form. The editors are archiving uncopyrighted English translations of the Church Fathers, the acts of the Christian martyrs, the proceedings of the Councils, the lives of the early saints, etc.
    • Frederica Mathewes-Green’s homepage: Some of Frederica’s insightful, and often funny, writings are posted here as well as information about her activities as a speaker. Frederica is a member of the OPF advisory board.
    • Holy Trinity Cathedral — the OCA cathedral in San Francisco has set up an attractive site that includes numerous helpful Orthodox resources and news links.
    • Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Linthicum, Maryland. The parish web site offers many useful texts plus a long list of connections to other sites.
    • IOCC Home Page: The site introduces International Orthodox Christian Charities and its work, with information on how to take part in its projects and also to join the IOCC listserver.
    • Jim & Nancy Forest home page: A site where the co-editors of the OPF journal, In Communion, post some of their own writings, including several chapters from Jim’s books, Praying With Icons, Ladder of the Beatitudes, Confession: Doorway to Forgiveness, etc.
    • The King’s Jubilee serves soup, sandwiches, pasta with meat sauce, iced tea, fruit and goodies (if we have them) to between 50 and 150 men and a few women in Center City Philadelphia every Thursday night. This is in a park, year-round. We also share toiletries, blankets and season appropriate clothing with them.
    • LifeNews.com provides the latest pro-life news and information.
    • Logos Orthodox Bookstore Based in The Netherlands, Orthodox Logos Foundation is an online Orthodox bookstore and publisher having as its mission to provide a full spectrum of Orthodox Christian materials in four languages, namely in English, French, Dutch and Russian and (since recently) in Chinese.
    • Orthodox Christian Fellowship is the official campus ministry effort under SCOBA. We are a Pan-Orthodox effort, overseen by an Executive Committee and aided by an 16 person Student Advisory Board. Our office is located in Boston, MA where full time staff develops OCF. We are here to guide and support local OCF chapters through communication with the larger Orthodox Community, our National Programs, and development of resources Orthodox college students and those interested in Orthodoxy can utilize.
    • Orthodox Christians for Life: From its beginning, the Orthodox Church has taken a strong stand for the sanctity of life and against abortion. Within these pages you will find information from throughout the life of the Church concerning what the Church has taught and teaches to this day. The site includes many resources, including a pastoral letter from Metropolitan Theodosius, quotes from the saints, a Molieban for the Victims of Abortion, and the like.
    • Orthodox Christian Resources— well-organized links to Web pages and other internet-based resources of interest to Orthodox Christians, regularly updated by site-editor Catherine Hampton.
    • The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration addresses environmental degradation in a uniquely Orthodox manner. The mission statement of the Fellowship declares, “The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration exists to hallow God’s Name on earth as it is in heaven by seeking the transfiguration of creation through the activation of the Christian calling toward transfigured life. In the context of the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church, the Fellowship seeks to extend the transfiguring activity of the sacraments into all creation through ascetic practice, the keeping of the commandments and the acquisition of virtue, thus restoring the beauty and integrity of God’s earthly temple.”
    • Orthodox Life Info Portal Provides links to Internet resources relating to Orthodox Christianity. The links are grouped in thematic sections for easy access and reference, especially for people who are not familiar with the language and traditions of Orthodox Christianity.
    • Orthodox Ministry Access — site maintained by the Greek Orthodox Church in North America.
    • Orthodox News web site — a well-organized, region-by-region news site with frequent updates.
    • Peacemakers Discussion Forum, for discussing the promotion of peace and reconciliation in situations of violence and conflict. Topics include: Theology, differences between Christians, and Christian social action; Christian mission, missiology and mission studies; African Initiated Churches; Orthodox Christianity; general discussions on various topics.
    • Pokrov: The Protection of the Theotokos web site responds to the issue of clergy and church sexual abuse. Topics confronted include rape, child abuse, molestation and spiritual abuse. The site’s goal is to reach victims of church-associated sexual abuse and protect others from becoming victims by providing education, advocacy, prayer and accountability.
    • Project Mexico: An Orthodox service project for building homes in Mexico and serving a community of orphans. For details, ..
    • St. Nicholas Uganda Children’s Fund: When Peter and Sharon Georges were working as Orthodox missionaries in Uganda in 2003, they made a decision that seemed minor at the time, but would have far-reaching consequences. They agreed to pay school fees for two orphans who were living with an elderly grandmother. Out of this small beginning grew a project now supporting more than 200 children in school, and is providing additional assistance to six needy families.
    • St. Luke’s Orthodox Mission, a Serbian Orthodox parish in Toronto, Canada, has set up a web site that includes articles by St. Nikolai of Ochrid, audio files of Serbian Orthodox chant, presentation of Serbian monasteries and churches, and various articles.
    • St. Nina’s Quarterly web site. The St. Nina Quarterly is a publication dedicated to exploring the ministry of women in the Orthodox Church and to cultivating a deeper understanding of ministry in the lives of all Orthodox Christian women and men. We profess firm faith in our Church’s teaching that each of us is created in the image of God and called to grow into His likeness. We believe that all persons are endowed with gifts of the Holy Spirit in ways that uniquely express the fullness of their humanity and contribute to the fullness of the entire community of believers. Our mission is to discover and cultivate these gifts for the nurturance of the entire Body of Christ. To this end, we strive to educate, inform, and provide space for an ongoing, creative dialogue aimed at reaching across all boundaries; to support and encourage the growth and vitality of the God-given ministries of all our sisters and brothers in Christ.
    • Society of St. Nicholas of Japan — An Orthodox mission located in southern Africa; the page is edited by OPF member Steve Hayes. Many good links to other sites.
    • St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church, Irvine, CA: The multi-faceted home page of a vital parish in Orange County, south of Los Angeles, with good resources and links. The pastor is Fr. Steve Tsichlis, a member of the OPF advisory board.
    • Spirit Currents: is a web site featuring S.T. Georgiou’s writing and creative work. Steve Georgiou, a member of OPF, helped to bring Robert Lax to more wider public attention through his recent book, “The Way of the Dreamcatcher.” Lax, a hermit poet and best friend of Thomas Merton, lived on the Greek island of Patmos, where Georgiou met him in 1993.
    • Syndesmos: Syndesmos was founded in 1953 in Paris by a group of young Orthodox theologians who sought to renew and unite Orthodox Christians and who understood the important role youth and young adults play in the Church’s life. Syndesmos soon received the blessing and support of all the Orthodox Churches and began its work encouraging deeper reflection, renewal and witness of Orthodox Christianity in such diverse and important areas as liturgical life, life, community involvement, missionary activity, and unity. Today, Syndesmos has grown into the world’s largest religious youth fellowship with 119 member Orthodox youth movements, organizations and seminaries in nearly 50 countries.
    • The Victim Offender Reconciliation web site is dedicated to “making things as right as possible” between the victim and the offender of crimes. Using the restorative principles as outlined on this web site, many courts in the United States are making a greater effort to approach crime and punishment in a way which takes into consideration the value of restoring human relationships.
    • Women’s Orthodox Ministries and Education Network is an international network of Orthodox Christians who actively encourage the vitality and enhancement of diverse lay ministries in parish, jurisdictional, social service, community service, and ecumenical settings. Through its conferences, retreats, publications, and website, WOMEN serves as a pan-Orthodox clearinghouse of news and resources for lay leaders, celebrates the ways women’s ministries witness for Christ, encourages women’s increased leadership in the life of the Church, and advocates for restoration of both the female and male permanent diaconate.

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