The Sacred Gift of Life

Here are the texts of the main lectures given at the Orthodox Peace Fellowship's second annual North American conference, June 19-23, 2002, St. Tikhon's Monastery and Seminary, South Canaan, Pennsylvania.

The conference theme -- The Sacred Gift of Life -- was borrowed from the title of a book by Fr. John Breck, one of the conference speakers, available from St. Vladimir Seminary Press. Phone orders toll-free at 1-800-204-2665 or by e-mail .

Jim Forest, "The 'Other' as Icon"

John Oliver: "Are we asking the Right Questions?"

Fr. John Breck, "The Sacredness of Newborn Life"

Renée Zitzloff, "Embracing the Orphans and Outcasts Among Us"

Prof. Albert Raboteau, "The African-American Witness to the Sacred Gift of Life"