Membership and Donations

Thank you for your interest in the Orthodox Peace Fellowship.

Membership in the Orthodox Peace Fellowship is open to Orthodox Christians who are in accord with our statement of principles -- see:

We ask members to make an annual donation of at least $35 (35 euros of 25 pounds sterling). Members automatically receive our journal, In Communion, at no additional charge.

If you prefer not being a member but would like to receive our quarterly journal, In Communion, the subscription is $25 (25 euros or 20 pounds sterling) per year.

We encourage members and supporters to give more than the minimum. Without donations above the minimum, the Orthodox Peace Fellowship would not be able to continue. We are deeply grateful to those who make monthly or quarterly donations. For those who give $100 or more per year, we send a free book as a token of appreciation. Contact Jim Forest for a list of available titles.

You may choose to renew your yearly membership, make a one time donation, or make a recurring donation to the OPF. If you have a special note regarding your donation please email us through our contact form on this site. Click here >>


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