Calendar for Jim Forest's Fall 2004 lecture trip

(as updated September 25, 2004):

Oct 26: fly to San Francisco via Minneapolis

Oct 27: talk after Vespers on "Everyday Mysticism" at Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral on Green Street in San Francisco

Oct 28: Erasmus seminar at USF, 2 pm

Oct 29-31: Orthodox Peace Fellowship conference, St. Nicholas Ranch, Dunlap, California

Nov 2: University of California, Santa Barbara; conatct Fr. Jon-Stephen Hedges

Nov 7: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Orthodox Peace Fellowship/Fellowship of St George meeting

Nov 8: Winona, Minnesota

meeting with the local Catholic Worker community

Nov 11: lecture "Peace Is the Way" -- Kansas Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Kaufman House, Bethel College, 2515 College Avenue, PO Box A, North Newton, KS 67117

Nov 12:

breakfast talk sponsored by People of Faith for Peace; contact Allison Lemons

morning talk to a class at Bethel

evening: book signing and talk at Eighth Day Books in Witchita

Nov 13: St. George Cathedral, Witchita

?? Nov 14 sermon at St. George Cathedral, Wichita ??

Nov 20: St. Vladimir's Theological Seminary, arrive by lunch time

Nov 22: fly back to Amsterdam