Solomon’s Porch

“And they were all together in Solomon’s Portch.” –Acts 5:12

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Solomon’s Porch was a colonnaded space within the Jewish temple where the early disciples gathered, witnessed many good works among the people, and were in one accord. And, of course, they talked about it all.

Today we gather to talk in many places. Our blog is one corner of the public square where editors of In Communion post commentary on current issues of concern to Orthodox Christians and advocate for good works of healing and peacemaking among the people.

Solomon’s Porch will consider responses to blog posts as separate submissions. Presently, there will be no option for replies to posts.  We will only post what we deem contributes to helpful conversation.

Original posts are made by contributing editors. If you would like to be a Solomon’s Porch contributing editor or know someone you want to recommend, please write to Pieter Dykhorst at [email protected]

Current contributing editors are:

Pieter Dykhorst, editor-in-chief, In Communion

Nicholas Sooy, electronic media editor, In Communion

Jim Forest, editor imeritus, In Communion

Posts about the HGC will continue to appear periodically below under the heading "Posts from Crete during the Holy and Great Council." Newest posts appear on top.


Posts made during July 2016:

Posts from Crete during the Holy and Great Council: