ANBI status

Background information Orthodox Peace Fellowship

High level policy
The Orthodox Peace Fellowship (“OPF”), operating under the RSIN 816036536 (Rechtspersoon Informatienummer) of “Stichting OKIN”, is an association of Orthodox Christian believers seeking to bear witness to the peace of Christ by applying the principles of the Gospel to situations of division and conflict, whether in the home, the parish, the community we live, the work place, within our particular nations, and between nations. We work for the conservation of God’s creation and especially of human life. We are not a political association and support no political parties or candidates.

Means of funding
OPF raises funds through voluntary donations.

Management of funds
The funds of OPF are managed by the board of OPF.

Use of funds
Funds of OPF are primarily used to maintain the OPF website and to make occasional donations to other charities.


  • Chairman: Hette Popke Sjoerd Bakker
  • Secretary: James Hendrickson Forest
  • Treasurer: Matthew House
  • Board member: Maria Hanna Bos

None of the OPF board members are paid. Their involvement in voluntary.

Please refer to the Activity Report for a detailed description of the activities of OPF.

Please refer to the Financial Statements for information on profit and loss, balance sheet and a budget for the current fiscal year.