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Not everything we find valuable fits in the OPF journal. Here is a selection of supplementary texts, some of them book length:

Texts by contemporary authors

Orthodox Perspectives on Peace, War and Violence
by Fr. Philip LeMasters, Ecumenical Review, March 2011

Post Traumatic Spiritual Disorder and the False History Syndrome
by Stephen Muse, Ph.D., B.C.E.T.S.
On the use of history to deny reality and a call to healing and justice through awakening conscience in church and community

The Diaconate in Liturgy and Life
by Teva Regule, OrthodoxPeace Fellowship ConferenceBaltimore, MD 9/2008
A Brief History of the Office and Considerations for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate in the Orthodox Church

Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution in the Church
by Fr. John Mefrige

Peace and Peacemaking as an Interfaith and Ecumenical Vocation: An Orthodox View
by Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Clapsis

Noniolence and Peace Traditions in Early and Eastern Christianity
by Fr. John McGuckin

For the Peace From Above -- The Syndesmos Resource Book on War, Peace and Nationalism
edited by Jim Forest and Hildo Bos

The Orthodox Church and Society
The Basis of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church

Changing a society which has de-valued women and de-humanized the unborn
an exchange of letters with the Fellowship of Reconciliation on the issue of abortion

Confronting Poverty and Stigmatization: An Eastern Orthodox Perspective
by Dr. John D. Jones

The Resurrection of the Church in Albania
by Jim Forest

Learning to be Peacemakers: A Short History of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship
by Jim Forest

Salt of The Earth -- an Orthodox Christian Approach to Peacemaking
by Jim Forest

Orthodox Christians and Conscientious Objection
by Jim Forest

Peace in Orthodox Liturgy and Life
by Philip Le Masters

Historical texts

Letter from Saint Paulinus of Nola: an appeal to a soldier to leave the military


The Sacred Gift of Life
Lectures given at the OPF North American conference, June 2002

Sacraments of Healing
Lectures by Bishop Kallistos given at an OPF retreat

'Forgive Us As We Forgive'
by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

Peace Be With You: Living the Beatitudes in a Wounded World
Lectures given at OPF North America conference, June 2003


Syria Appeal
link to Statement Opposing Military Action Against SyriaSupporting Narrative, additional documents, Letter to President Obama, and more

Several statements, prayers and appeals of Patriarch Pavle

The Kosovo Crisis
Statements from Orthodox bishops and various reports

God Has Not Abandoned the World
Joint environmental statement of Patriarch Bartholomeos and Pope John Paul

Step Back from the Brink of War: OPF’s Iran Appeal

God Has Not Abandoned the World:
Declaration on Environment Signed by Pope and Patriarch of Constantinople

Iraq Appeal

Iraq War
Orthodox responses

Links to other OPF resource pages

Saint Maria Skobtsova of Paris
Pages relating to the recently canonized saint and her co-workers

Various other essays

The Pacifist Option
by Fr Alexander Webster

Jim Forest's lecture trips
Are you interested in him speaking at your parish, school or university?

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