A sampling of Earth’s pharmacy

Valerian, Echinacea, Hyssop -- used to treat ailments ranging from insomnia to colds to yeast infections.

Rosy Periwinkle -- this plant is a source of two drugs, Vincristine and Vinblastine, which have virtually eliminated children's leukemia and Hodgkin's Disease.

Foxglove -- this plant's leaves produce Digitalis, used to treat chronic heart failure.

Ephedra -- ephedrine, a component of respiratory medicines, is found in this plant's roots.

Garlic -- contains allicin, an antibiotic, and can lower cholesterol and combat hypertension.

Ginger -- containing many antiviral compounds; also reduces vertigo and motion sickness.

White Pond Lily -- the roots of this aquatic plant are prepared as a tincture to treat cervicitis.

Pacific Yew -- used to treat patients suffering from ovarian cancer

Water Hyssop -- mixed with other plants and melted butter, the extract can treat mental illness.

Ginkgo -- in its roots and leaves, a powerful chemical is found that treats dementia.

Bao-bab tree -- its bark is boiled down to a broth, and relieves back pain.