Dear In Communion reader,

Dear In Communion reader,

Writing these occasional appeal letters is always quite a challenge. While they are OPF's economic lifeline, reaching out to others with a begging cup is not easy, and even less so at a time when so many people are jobless (a great many of them homeless as well) while millions of others are in a state of anxiety.

The contents of this issue make the job a little easier. So much in it is remarkably timely.

Archbishop Lazar contrasts "corporatism" (his word for the economic model that has brought so many to ruin) with structures that promote the common good.

There is a report by an Orthodox Christian from Sweden about the peacework she has been doing in and near Jerusalem.

In "Pro-War is Not Pro-Life," Metropolitan Jonah stresses the role depersonalization plays in every form of violence from war and abortion to euthanasia and street violence.

In "May Christians Kill?", Fr. Philip LeMasters asks a question which relates the issue to the question of theosis our attempt to participate in the divine life. As a kind of addendum to his essay, there is a collection of texts "Advice to Peacemakers" that gives a sampling of saintly teaching from the 1st to the 21st centuries selected by Alex Patico.

The issue provides a good example of the educational work that is OPF's main responsibility. Our task has especially to do with the recovery of lost or neglected aspects of Orthodox Christian teaching and practice regarding how we are to live between liturgies how we can live each day in such a way that we can dare to approach the chalice on Sundays.

Please remember that OPF leads a hand-to-mouth existence and do what you can to help us carry on. We are profoundly grateful to those who can only manage one gift a year, but without those who make donations more than once year, we wouldn't be able to carry on our work, not to say expand it. (For those making larger donations, €100/$100 or more per year, as usual we offer a choice of gift books. The latest addition to the list is the just-published revised edition of Praying with Icons, expanded and with all the icons in color.)

In Christ's peace,

Jim Forest, OPF co-secretary

Winter 2009 issue of In Communion / IC 52

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