Poetry-For I am Your Child By Savelia Curniski

The following poem was composed by Savelia Curniski, president of NASHI. Nashi is the Ukrainian word for “ours.” NASHI is a Canadian-based organization that fights human trafficking in Ukraine. The organization founded a vocational school for girls in Lviv, as well as the “Maple Leaf Center,” which is a resource center and shelter in Ukraine for girls at risk of being trafficked. According to NASHI, “The Maple Leaf (Klenovi Lyst) House is a 13,000-square-foot home, located north of Lviv, Ukraine. There we provide a nuturing, healing home environment for up to 20 young girls, as opposed to the warehousing of an orphanage. The girls learn life skills, attend regular schools with tutoring available if required, and are encouraged to develop normal friendships with other children in the village. They also receive any needed medical, dental, and vision care. By providing for them through post-secondary education until employment, the Maple Leaf House will ready them for life in Ukraine and divert them from human trafficking.” NASHI is supported by the local Orthodox community in Saskatoon, and by several fundraisers, including a yearly pierogi sale. You can learn more and support this ministry at

For I am Your Child
By Savelia Curniski

You have ears...but do you hear me
You have eyes...but do you see me

Blameless my life beats to this fate
Help my sister before it’s too late
Help her for she is only...eight

Residents of the Maple Leaf House on their first day of school

Residents of the Maple Leaf House on their first day of school