Christian Witness in a Time of War – Video

Christian Witness in a Time of War: Sr. Vassa Larin, Deacon Brandon Gallaher, and Sergei Chapnin talk about Russia's recent invasion of Ukraine in a webinar on April 8. Sister Vassa is a prominent nun of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, as well as a podcaster, writer, and catechist. Deacon Brandon Gallaher is Senior Lecturer of Systematic and Comparative Theology at Exeter University, a prolific author and Deacon of the Church. Sergei Chapnin is a religious scholar and former deputy editor-in-chief of Moscow Patriarchate publishing house and served as a secretary for the Commission of the Moscow Patriarchate on Church, State, and Society.

The In Communion speaker series offers original presentations from In Communion contributors and Orthodox Peace Fellowship members on a variety of topics, including peacemaking, theology, ethics, environmentalism, and society.

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