Call for participation – Online Survey – Nuclear Cacodoxy

This call for participation follows the current article by Chris Ferrero: Nuclear Cacodoxy?

Note: Sign up for participation ends June 15th

If you are an Orthodox Christian interested in sharing your thoughts, I invite you to contact me by email ([email protected]). Additionally, if you are willing to be contacted directly to participate in a confidential, scientific online survey, please provide your contact information using this sign-up form. 


Chris Ferrero is Associate Professor of intelligence and security studies at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. He earned his PhD in political science at the University of Virginia. His research program on nuclear norms emphasizes how religious identity can influence nuclear use, proliferation, and disarmament outcomes. He has presented on this topic at United States Strategic Command, the Arab Nuclear Forum, and the International Orthodox Theological Association (Volos 2023). His most recent peer-reviewed publication in The Nonproliferation Review examines the potential role of Abrahamic interfaith dialogue in achieving a Middle East Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction-Free Zone.