Nicholas Sooy

The Cost of Discipleship

And in Selma, Alabama, when I was being interrogated, and all the policemen spat in my face, the face of the white nigger-lover, and only grace kept me from spitting back—grace plus common sense, for I knew I would have been a dead white nigger-lover. I sat in Birmingham jail with Dr. Martin Luther King as he wrote “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”
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Agia Skepi Sustainability Center in Cyprus

Agia Skepi, a detoxification community in Cyprus, inspires members within the framework of its therapeutic program to engage themselves in the cultivation of biological products. This solution springs from the broader spirit of Agia Skepi in getting rid of harmful substances while fostering a high quality of life.

Living In Communion

From the OPF's New Podcast: There is nothing so Orthodox as communion. Holy Communion “is the most profound expression of the essence...
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The Extra/Ordinary Hospitality of St. Herman House

The Church is a hospital, according to St. John Chrysostom, and according to St. Ignatius its sacraments are medicine. It is often repeated that Christ is the Great Physician, and that the spiritual life of the Church heals the sickness of the passion-ridden soul.