Towards a New Ecumenism

by Christos Yannaras Christos Yannaras is Professor of Philosophy at Pantion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens. His books include Freedom...
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Meeting of delegations

MEETING OF DELEGATIONS OF THE RUSSIAN AND GEORGIAN CHURCHES On 11 March 1998 there was a meeting in the Department of External...
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Holy Work

The Orthodox Churches, the WCC, and the Upcoming Assembly Unlike Peter Bouteneff's articles about Orthodox ecumenism for In Communion, the essay below...
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Orthodox Ecumenism

A Contradiction in Terms? by Peter Bouteneff Just this past May, the Georgian Orthodox Church took an important step in its life...
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Mission and Ecumenism

Fr. John Meyendorff on Ecumenism, 7 Participation in the ecumenical movement is hardly popular among the Orthodox in America. The reasons for...
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True and False Ecumenism

Fr. John Meyendorff on Ecumenism, 6 There is in the Orthodox Church today a growing reaction against "ecumenism." Ecumenism is viewed mainly...
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