The Iconoclasm of War

been destroyed or damaged by shelling or other acts of violence by Russian forces. Of the Orthodox Churches destroyed, a great number are of the Moscow Patriarchate. This is surprising on one level, given that President Putin on February 21 cited the "destruction" of the Moscow Patriarchate as a pretext for his invasion.

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News: Fall 2008

War tests ties between Georgian and Russian Churches While the leaders of Russia and Georgia exchange recriminations, Christians in the two nations...
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News: Summer 2008

Belarus pressures Orthodox not to venerate martyrs Belarus is discouraging the commemoration of Orthodox Christians killed for their faith by the Soviet...
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News: Summer 2007

The War After the War That Rages in Soldiers' Heads photo: casulties of war The nightmares that tormented Segeant Walter Padilla after...
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