IC 61 2011

Living in Communion

People often speak of being “in relationship” to others, but I prefer the word “communion” to relationship. We are made in the...
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The Real Saint George

by Jim Forest True stories become streamlined into legends and legends are compressed via symbols into myths. The real Saint George never...
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The Invisible Border

by Heather Zydek There is a place where an invisible border cuts through the west side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s not the...
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Treasury of Blessings

by Fr. John Oliver Above: Pentecost painting by Duccio “In the Holy Spirit is the fountain of divine treasures; for from Him cometh...
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News – Summer 2011 / IC 61

Patriarch Bartholomew’s Jamaica Peace Appeal Via video link, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople addressed the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation in June. (See Alex...
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