St. Maria Skobtsova

Mother Maria on the Internet: In Various Languages

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Mother Maria Skobtsova, Martyr of Sobornost

Mother Maria Skobtsova, Martyr of Sobornost On the 31st of March, we celebrate the dies natalis of Mother Maria (Skobtsova), a beloved martyr and witness to Christ among the Russian émigré population in France.

Taking Up the Cross

by St. Maria Skobtsova Left: Cross-bearing Theotokos painted by St. Maria Skobtsova of Paris We must seek authentic and profound religious bases...
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Good Reading

Mother Maria Skobtsova: Essential Writings Orbis Books, 2003, pp 192, $15 ISBN: 1-57075-436-5 edited by Helene Klepinin-Arjakovsky preface by Olivier Clement, introduction by...
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Post-Holocaust theology

The relevance of Western post-Holocaust theology to the thought and practice of the Russian Orthodox Church a paper given at the second...
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