Mother Maria Skobtsova, Martyr of Sobornost

Mother Maria Skobtsova, Martyr of Sobornost On the 31st of March, we celebrate the dies natalis of Mother Maria (Skobtsova), a beloved martyr and witness to Christ among the Russian émigré population in France.

Holy Disobedience

Holy Disobedience: Resistance to Secular and Ecclesiastical Authority by A. Edward Siecienski Christian history, particularly the patristic period, is populated with heroes...
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War and Virtue

War and Virtue: The Ascetics of War by Aristotle Papanikolaou Contemporary discussions of just war theory in Christian ethics focus on whether Christians...
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Courage between Rocks and Guns

The following interview with Hieromonk Melchizedeck (Gordenko) and monk Gabriel (Kairasov) appeared in Orthodoxy in Ukraine, a Ukrainian language website on January...
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