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Sacraments of Healing by Bishop Kallistos Ware

Here are transcriptions of Bishop Kallistos’ six lectures given in April 1999 at the Orthodox Peace Fellowship retreat in Vézelay.



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Here is the Synod’s official condemnation of ecclesiastical racism, or “ethno-phyletism,” as well as its theological argumentation. It was issued on …

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For the Peace from Above

by Jim Forest

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The History and Mission of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship

a talk given by Jim Forest for the OPF conference at St Tikhon’s Monastery, 13-16 June 2003

Mariquita Platov (self-portrait)

Mariquita Platov (self-portrait)

The history of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship is surprisingly complex. The story can only be told in part as some of the key figures who were involved have since fallen asleep in the Lord and cannot be interviewed. Mariquita Platov, aged 95, died December 14, 2000. Jim Larrick died of a heart attack December 19, 1993. After many years teaching at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, John Boojamra died in 1999. All I have to guide me at present are two short memoirs written by Mariquita, two folders of correspondence from Jim Larrick and Mariquita, and several recent letters people who participated in early efforts to launch OPF.

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